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Advertising in A\J helped spread Our Horizon’s message to ‘Think Global. Act Municipal.’ across the country. A group of students in Fredericton is urging their city council to require climate change warning labels on gas pump nozzles. The exposure we’re getting in New Brunswick right now is because they heard our message through A\J and decided to take action.”  – Robert Shirkey, Executive Director, Our Horizon

Connect your brand to A\J’s engaged, educated readers–the concerned citizens, the action-takers and the thought leaders of Canada’s environmental community.

Published quarterly (four issues per year) in print and digital editions, each issue focuses on engaging Canadians in the day’s most topical and critical environmental issues. A\J also has a vibrant, growing online community we reach through, social media and our e-newsletter. Advertise in print, online or both to maximize your reach.


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Our educated, informed readers are highly engaged with A\J. 52.8% have made purchases based on ads and reviews they saw in our magazine. A\J also sparks dialogue and inspires people to action.


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Theo Ossinga:

Read the latest by Alex Scaman with her interview tomorrow with Megan Leslie from @WWFCanada & why we should invest in nature. As Megan says, “if wildlife is thriving, I believe the people will thrive.” Available exclusively on our website & the link below

“If wildlife is thriving, I believe the people will thrive.” WWF- Canada's president and CEO @MeganALeslie tells @AlternativesJ why *now* is the time for our governments to invest in nature. #GreenRecovery

@AlternativesJ @BranaDane Great work Brana!✌️

The world of fashion may not be as glamourous as it seems. Greta Vaivadaite decided to hold a Q/A with @BranaDane on the idea of sustainable fashion. Brana is more than a model and activist. She is the changemaker from within the industry.