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The holidays are around the corner and it’s time to give some thought to how to green up your celebrations this year. Let’s ditch the “EVERYTHING IN EXCESS” mode & take a minute to read the 12 eco tips for this holiday season 🎄🎁

Happy to have gotten the opportunity to interview Dr. @Melissa_Lem (on-air medical expert & writer) & Dr. Thompson to learn about the importance of telemedicine especially as we continue to be faced by the pandemic. See the full article in @AlternativesJ magazine Getting There

Giving of yourself – and giving someone your open-mind to listen and to be edified – is one of the greatest gifts any human can give to another.

Can tourism really be sustainable? 🌴Definitions of sustainable tourism are often conflated with eco-tourism, leading to more confusion about the two topics. Alex grew up in Barbados - whose economy heavily relies on tourism & he has some insight to share