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And that’s a wrap for #plasticfreejuly - hopefully you took this time to minimize the plastic use in ur life, with this initiative showcasing for us to be more mindful & be smarter consumer. Plastic will be around way longer than we ever will. Read here

What has changed in solar energy over the past 42 years? Let Alex Goddard take you back and see if we have solved some of the challenges faced with solar panels. This is another exclusive piece in part of the “Ghost in the Ecosystem” series 👻.

Shanella Ramkissoon speaks out about revolutionizing the plastic conundrum on volume 4/5 for #plasticfreejuly read here ➡️

Militarism and the environment “While warfare as a way of solving international conflicts may never change, why do we choose to accept the environmental and social degradation that seems to always come with it?”’t-we-solved-yet-militarism-and-environment