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Energy & Resources

Explore the raw materials that fuel humanity, the challenges of extraction and the technologies that can conserve our natural wealth.

Wind turbines

As climate concerns continue to rise alongside increasing energy demands, renewable power is becoming an important and much needed resource. […]


Half a century ago, a sea disappeared in Central Asia. The Aral Sea was once the fourth-largest lake on planet […]

THE BUSH ERA IS OVER but the stain, including a string of last-minute legal changes, lingers. These “midnight regulations” made […]

TECHNICALLY, only plants can be weeds. But plenty of other organisms are similarly vigorous, adaptive to circumstances and resilient in […]

WE ARE SURROUNDED by a sea of discarded materials that can be reused in building construction. Think of all those […]

DIY homemade deodorants with baking soda and cornstarch

I reluctantly stopped using conventional antiperspirants and deodorants a couple of years ago because they have too many questionable ingredients […]

Mike Morrice and Priyanka Lloyd from the Sustainability CoLab.

For nearly five years, Sustainable Waterloo Region (SWR) has been convincing companies and organizations around Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge, Ontario, […]


THE HORRID ground-weaver has a mighty name. It suggests a dangerous beast from the old stories, a creature in league with […]

Read the latest by Alex Scaman with her interview tomorrow with Megan Leslie from @WWFCanada & why we should invest in nature. As Megan says, “if wildlife is thriving, I believe the people will thrive.” Available exclusively on our website & the link below

“If wildlife is thriving, I believe the people will thrive.” WWF- Canada's president and CEO @MeganALeslie tells @AlternativesJ why *now* is the time for our governments to invest in nature. #GreenRecovery

@AlternativesJ @BranaDane Great work Brana!✌️

The world of fashion may not be as glamourous as it seems. Greta Vaivadaite decided to hold a Q/A with @BranaDane on the idea of sustainable fashion. Brana is more than a model and activist. She is the changemaker from within the industry.